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Finally. An Enterprise Class CRM App Your Reps Will Enjoy Using.

What is Inception CRM?

Inception CRM is a native app for iPads and Android tablets that helps sales teams plan, execute and improve their campaigns. This highly-configurable application guides sales reps through their daily work, while providing valuable insight into their customers, territories and opportunities. Whether planning activities,reporting expenses, making orders, or recording promo drops, intuitive workflows make it easy for users stay on top of their work.

What technologies does it use?

Designed for tablets, Inception CRM delivers superb performance within rich a iOS- or Android-native interface. The back end runs on enterprise level Microsoft technologies and is fully integratable with other systems. In addition to the app’s built-in and highly customizable dashboards, online Business Intelligence Reports are piped through a Mobile SaaS solution that make analytics instantly available on any device you want to use.

Does Inception CRM work offline?

Both Inception CRM for iPad and Android as well as Inception CRM for Windows support offline work. The Windows version is fully offline, while the iPad/Android version stores only the the data representatives need to work offline in case the network fails or the connection is slow. Reps can search their target groups, play CLM presentations, make call reports, prepare transfer orders, and view customer details, with or without a connection.

A Smart CRM App for Smarter Businesses


Robust Database Search
Unified Customer View
Target Groups
Profiling & Segmentation


Calendar & Plans
Unlimited Activity Types
Flexible Call Reports
Unified Workflows


Media Store
Media Publisher
Creative Studio
CLM Reports & Analytics

Dashboards & Analytics

KPI Dashboards
In-App Reports
Standard Reports
Special Reports

Transfer Orders

Structured Workflows
Flexible Order Templates
Unified End-to-End Services
Back Office Integration


Inventory Management
Stock Assignment
Compliant Workflows
Call Report Integration

Expense Diary

Customizable Expense Types
Complete Expense Reporting
Manage Cash Allowances
Customize Periods & Approvals

Update Requests

Add New Customers
Modify Customer Details
Request Data Changes

My Work

View Priority Lists
Enable Offline Work Mode
Synchronize Live Data