Search Your Entire Database Quickly and Easily


Better Profiling. Richer Segments. Improved Targeting.

It’s a pretty simple equation, but hard to get it right. Inception CRM makes it easy to focus on the right customers by taking all those random pieces of information and transforming them into useful, dynamic profiles that, in turn, allow marketing and sales teams to create segments that actually make sense. By clustering like-minded customers into groups, reps can focus on the segments that make the most sense in relation to their sales and marketing objectives

Real-Time Multichannel Insight Into Each Customer

Inception CRM allows you to create objective profiles for customers by automatically assigning ratings and tags based on information added in real time during visits and other interactions. Profiles get updated each time a member of the sales team fills out a Call Report, takes an Order, drops a Sample, plays a CLM presentation, or snatches an important piece of information from Social Media. Profiles can also come from marketing sources, such as online interactions and data integrated from other external information sources.

A Holistic Customer View

The collaboration doesn’t stop at Multichannel. Inception CRM provides real team-based collaboration by making the information contributed by one user visible to every other user. By sharing notes, call reports, or profile assignments, sales reps work together to build a rich customer view that all of them are able to use.


One Customer, Many Points of View

Every customer different. To be truly customer centric, you need to know not just who a customer is, but why she is important to you. Profile Values allow you to rate a customer’s contribution to the sales of a particular product, assess her loyalties and preferences, quantify her needs, or assign any number of other attributes to her. Inception CRM lets you create as many profiles as you want for each customer. Taken together, they form a rich, detailed view not just of individual customers, but accounts [link] and territories [link] as well.


Stay Focused On The Customers That Matter Most

Each customer is important in a different way. One customer might be an ideal candidate for a new referral program, another for an upcoming brand launch. Target Groups are a great way to prioritise customers so that reps know not just why or how a customer is important to your company, but also why your company is important to her.

More than that, Target Groups represent the goals you have for each group of priority customers. Different Target Groups reflect your goals for the customers assigned to them. Your sales reps will never be stuck wondering where to go or whom to talk to next, or what to offer them – and managers will be able to track their progress as they move forward, turning their efforts into your company’s success.

A Rich Database That’s Easy To Navigate

Search is a module that allows users to query their database within a range of configurable, pre-defined parameters, such as Customer Type, Name, Address, Entity Type, Specialization, Geo Unit – and Profile Value. Best of all, Inception CRM easily integration with standard APIs supporting services like Google Maps, so you can find your customer in the real world,