Distribute and Track Samplesand Marketing Materials


Understanding The Value Of A Gift

As any marketing manager (or financial director) can tell you, freebies don’t grow on trees. Every time you give a branded gift, product sample or even a brochure to a customer, you are investing in their business with you. That’s why Warehouse is designed to factor the cost of promotional items into Inception CRM’s financial reports. Since each promotional item comes at a cost, it only makes sense to track the profitability your investment – whether you’re measuring an individual customer’s actual value, the productivity of sales reps, or the overall cost effectiveness of your promotional efforts.


Call Report Integration

Warehouse lets you record promo drops directly inside call reports, ensuring faster and more compliant reporting of any inventory distribution. In regulated industries, like pharmaceuticals, it’s important to know where every product is once it enters the market. Since Call Reports are typically entered during or right after customer visits, it means that records can be created immediately at the customer’s office with little or no lag time.


A Warehouse For Every Rep

Inception CRM’s Warehouse App allows representatives to track, manage and monitor their assigned inventory of samples and promotional items. Linked with each rep’s personal stock overview, Warehouse tells users how much of a given item they have in stock, and how much they are allowed to give to customers. Because transactions can be monitored centrally via reports, companies can track all the gifts, samples, and other promotional goods given to customers, including their costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Do you work in a regulated industry that limits the kinds of gifts or promotional incentives you offer to your clients? Warehouse comes with built-in tools for setting up and enforcing restrictions (such as the number of product samples that can be dropped, or how much can be spent on a social event) wherever they are needed. Warehouse tracks all of the promotional items distributed by sales reps across the entire sales force, eliminating the risk of even unintentional violations, making sure that all of your reps maintain full compliance with the law.