Close Loop Marketing Don’t Just Tell. Show


Where Big Data and Creativity Meet

For most of our clients, the most valuable asset we provide is data. Specifically: “Big Data”. If you’re a sales organization, the goal of big data is to collect as much information as you can about your customers. Our products are designed to empower companies to take control of the information around them and use it create their own big data strategy. That’s where our creative studio comes in. We build CLM presentations than do more than present content and passively collect information, we build apps that directly feed your big data strategy.


Real-Time Information
Everyone Can Use.

Inception CRM’s built-in CLM App captures feedback from customer interactions that you can use across your organization. CLM can be used to complete Call Reports, create product orders and complete customer surveys, send feedback to marketing managers about the effectiveness of various promotional elements, and give detailed insight into the needs, preferences, interests and desires of individual customers – all of which can be used to create more effective (and more personalised) campaigns that really close the loop.

Streamlined Workflows for Fast, Easy Reporting of Every Visit

Because Inception CRM allows you to create any kind of questionnaire as you need – and as many as you need – your sales people will always be ready to report the different types interactions they have with customers. Inception CRM’s streamlined workflows also allow reps to report visits, record sample drops, complete customer orders, and present the latest marketing to customers within one single interactive session. That’s real flexibility, made easy.

Your Very Own App Store

The CLM App Store is built into Inception CRM, so it’s easy to get the CLM apps you want. No need to fuss with standalone presentation apps, or set up separate accounts for each user. The CLM App Store is automatically connected to each user’s eluzzion CRM account, so publishing and distributing presentations is simple. For users, it’s even easier: just one click to download, update or open. No installation is necessary.


Publish Content With A Single Click

With Inception CRM, you don’t need set up separate accounts distribute CLM presentations. The CLM App Store lets you publish and distribute apps to your reps with a single click. You can even control who sees the content, assigning presentations to specific customer segments. Because CLM content is managed centrally, it’s easy to update, replace or even withdraw content you no longer want to use, making sure that reps always have access to the latest, approved versions.


A Full Service Creative Studio

Why waste time and money with expensive creative agencies when your CRM provider can create dynamic, interactive and beautifully designed CLM presentations for you? As a unique combination of software developer and creative studio, we have both the technical and creative chops to create presentations that give you real insight into what your customers want and how to give it to them. Talk to use about how to turn your ideas into a real digital strategy that works holistically across channels, actively engaging customers and pulling them firmly into your orbit.