My Work

Stay Focused On Your Most Important Tasks


Keep Your Priorities In Sight

My Work is a useful tool for reps to stay on top of their most important tasks. The Priorities screen My Work shows reps all of their incomplete activities (such as unreported visits and incomplete orders) in one convenient list. To catch up on unfinished business, all reps have to do is go down the list, completing their tasks one at a time. When the list is empty, the rep know she’s on top of her game and completely caught up with her responsibilities.


Work Online Or Offline – It’s Up To You

My Work gives reps a simple, straightforward way to stay on top of their work, even when they’re not connected to the internet. Rapid synchronisation makes sure their app is completely up to date before they leave their home or office, so that if the network connection is lost later in the day, they can continue working without interruption. Inception CRM stores all of a reps contacts, plans, templates and product lists locally ensuring availability of information and critical workflows with or without an internet connection..