Update Requsts

Keep Your Database Up To Date


Keep Your Customer Database Clean

Companies who depend on purchased customer databases depend on their reps to not only keep those databases up to date, but to keep them free of errors. Inception CRM’s Update Request module allows representatives to request changes to a customer’s core data (such as name, workplace and contact info) without directly modifying the master database used by other reps. Instead, updates need to be validated and approved before they are entered into the common record, making sure your database is always full of the right information.


A Secure Way To Maintain Your Database

For companies that prefer a regulated database management approach, Update Request is an ideal tool. Back office interfaces allow assistants and call centre employees to check the validity of each request before approving it. The purpose of this workflow is to allow representatives to contribute to the accuracy and usefulness of the database while maintaining its validity through centralized approvals. However, alternative set ups not requiring validation is possible.


Updating Customers

Updating and adding customers to the database is incredibly easy in Inception CRM. To change a customer record, a user simply has to find the customer in the database using Search [link: ] and click the Update Request icon. A form guides the user through all the steps, allowing her to change information directly in the relevant fields. After she’s finished, a summary appears showing her both old and new values, so she can quickly see which values have been changed.


Adding New Customers

Adding new customers in Inception CRM is easy. If user wants to add a new customer, the Update Request module will guide her through the steps, auto-completing fields (such as work addresses) using data already in the database. This makes adding a new employee, for example, to a customer’s business a very fast, very easy, and very accurate process.