Expense Diary

No More End-Of-The-Month Headaches Thanks To Real Time Expense Reporting


Customizable Expense Types

Some expenses are generic. But others are completely unique to an individual organization. Inception CRM’s Expense Diary lets you set up expense reporting according to your own internal financial rules. When integrated with back office financial systems, such as SAP FI, expenses can be automatically exported in the format you require for further processing and storage. In this way, Expense Diary makes sure your company’s expenses are streamlined, consistent, and most importantly, compliant with your company’s financial reporting rules.


An Easy Way To Report Expenses

One of the biggest headaches for sales reps is when, at the end of every month, they have to collect all of their receipts, remember what they were for, and then fill out complex excel sheets summarising all the money they spent. Expense Diary solves this problem by making it incredibly easy to report all types of expenses on the go. The average time spent filling out an expense report in Inception CRM? 15 seconds. Now that’s efficiency.


Reporting Cash Allowances

Expense Diary makes it even easier to report cash allowances. Whether the user is pulling out money from an ATM on the company card, or receiving cash directly from in-house cash desk, all it takes is a few seconds to record that receipt in Expense Diary. Users can add this cash to their available budget and start working with it immediately upon receipt.


Managing Money Has Never Been Easier

One of the hardest parts of any sales job is keeping track of the money you spend. Harder still is knowing whether your expenses have been approved and when you might be reimbursed for any out of pocket costs. Expense Diary makes it easy for reps to stay on top of their money by making the whole process completely transparent. As soon as an expense is approved (or denied), eluzzion CRM updates their Expense Diary with a new status so that reps can quickly see which expenses are approved, which are denied, and which are still pending a decision.