An Effortless Way To Stay On Top Of Important KPI’s


Drill Down Into Data That Matters

Inception CRM’s interactive dashboards give users a quick, focused look at the Key Performance Indicators that matter most to them. The responsive design allows users to drill down for details by tapping on a particular element, giving additional depth of insight. Best of all, Inception CRM lets you choose the data you want your sales reps to work with, making sure your sales reps always have access to the information they need to measure their success in the field.


Gorgeous Visuals Make Data Come Alive

Good dashboards don’t just reflect a sales rep’s status; they make the KPIs by which they are evaluated by management transparent to them. It’s only fair. Charts, graphs and other visual elements visualize this data by converting data tables into dynamic images that are responsive to the user’s touch.

Complex Reports That Are Easy To Read

Inception CRM’s in-app Reports put rich data right in users’ hands. With a pinch, tap or swipe of a finger, users can get fresh insights into their territories, customers, sales target achievement, plan fulfillment, and numerous vital statistics.

Integration Is Our Middle Name

Inception CRM’s Interactive Dashboards can draw data not just from CRM, but from external sources of information as well. Tell us how you want your dashboards to look, and what data you want to work with, and we’ll set it up for you at no extra cost.

Reports Your Way

In addition to our many standard reports, we also offer each of our clients the opportunity to build completely new, custom reports based on their own wishes and needs. A standard part of our set up service involves configuring Inception CRM according to each customer’s real-world requirements, and this includes building reports that are unique to your own specifications. Just tell us what you want to see. If the data is available, we promise to make it look great.